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Luggage storage in the train carriage between seats
Overhead luggage storage on trains
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Luggage storage in the train carriage between seats
Overhead luggage storage on trains
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Train travel tips in EuropeTrain travel tips in Europe


Be aware that the train platform is not always level with the carriage, so be prepared to lift your suitcases and bags into the trains as you get on. At most train stations in Germany and Austria there are lifts or escalators making it easy to get to the right platform.  However, this is not the case in all European countries.

Storage of luggage: Some trains have luggage storage racks as you get into the carriage, while others have storage racks either between the seats, or above the seats. We advise that you travel light.  It is preferable to have a couple of lighter and smaller cases/bags rather than one huge case.

If you have a mobility impairment please advise us and we will try to arrange for assistance at the various destinations during your European tour.

Finding your seat

For those trains where seat reservations are available, the carriage number and seat number will be printed on your seat reservation document. Each train platform has various sections, usually marked as A,B,C etc. On the platform or the electronic display board you can usually find the carriage number and the platform section, from where you can step into your designated carriage. Therefore, it is a good idea to arrive early and stand where you know your carriage will stop, as this will avoid any last-minute panic.  (The carriage allocation/position board is referred to as ‘Wagenstandsanzeiger’ in Germany and Austria)

First class lounges

Some train stations have first class lounges. One of the best is at Budapest main train station with free WiFi, food and drink, complimentary porter assistance with your luggage and priority train boarding.  

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