Independent travel Europe

Independent Travel EuropeIndependent Travel Europe

Independent Travel Europe

All of our European tours are for independent travellers. You will be provided with your own tickets, reservations, detailed itinerary, directions, timetables, sightseeing and admission tickets, maps etc. Every day will be quite clearly laid out in your itinerary, with train departure and arrival times, seat reservation details, destination information, directions and maps where sightseeing tours will depart from or how to get to or from the train station to your hotel, usually in easy walking distance. The various sightseeing tours at your destinations will be pre-booked and we will provide you with detailed information regarding the time of the tour, content of the tour, from where it leaves (if there is no pick-up from the hotel it is usually in easy walking distance) and if it is a coach or walking tour.

Communication in Europe

During your independent travel in Europe, in particular Western Europe, you will find that you won’t have any communication problems as good English is widely spoken. Sharing of local knowledge and insights into the culture and history of the country you are visiting, usually provided by a tour leader, will be available during your sightseeing tours by local expert guides.

Increased Flexibility and Choices

Having your own tickets for the train or for city passes gives you more flexibility during your independent travel Europe. For example in Venice if you want to see the glass blower artisans on the island of Murano and your travelling partner prefers to take the canal boat to the Lido you can do that - it’s your choice. If you happen to fall ill and prefer to stay for another day you can catch the train the next day as your train ticket will be valid for up to two months. (Obviously you would have to pay for the extra day in the hotel and another train seat reservation). The usual departure time for the train is around 10 am, giving you plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast. However if you are early risers and would like to take an earlier train we can try and arrange that for you.

The Choice is Yours

We ensure that our tours are planned and organized with attention to every detail and we feel confident that you will find that everything works smoothly. As well, you will have the advantage of the substantial savings of the 'self-guided' tour price and you can choose to use these savings to splash out on some fun or exciting optional European travel experiences, like extra excursions, pamper treatments, the odd sampling of a good glass of red or regional delicacies.

Independent travel Europe

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