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Take the best holiday photos and holiday selfies with the ProCamera7 app. Useful tools for any situation. 




Stream music from a 20-million+ catalogue for free.



Airport Lounges

Airport lounges. Find a place to relax, refresh, have a cocktail or a decent workspace. Many airport lounges world-wide are accessible for a one-time fee.

airport lounge


Recognize architectural styles 

Learn to recognize the distinguishing architectural features and epochs of the magnificent historic palaces, cathedrals and castles that you will see when travelling in Europe.

Sacre Coeur


One Tap Storytelling with your iPhone

Turn you photos and videos that you have captured on your iPhone into short movies and share them with friends.



Find over 1 million hotspots world wide.



Language App

Prepare for you next holiday by learning some useful phrases in the languages of the countries you are visiting with this free App.

tourist in Paris



Send real postcards world-wide with your own travel photos to friends and relatives with Postagram.



Global Tipping Guide

The practice of tipping for services varies from country to country. Download the very useful 'Global Tipping Guide' or the free 'Tipping Bird App'.                                               

travel apps


Word Lens - See the world in your language

Want to be able to read signs when travelling in Europe? Then this App is what you have been waiting for. Just download the App then hold up your phone in front of the sign and it will translate it for you into English.



Top 10 Travel Apps

Find city sightseeing Apps, public transport apps, an App for Disneyland in Paris, Airport Apps, 'Things to do in....' Apps and many more.


The world wide public toilet locator

The App you never want to be without.

Travel Apps

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